Nuit de Louis XIV versailles Galerie des glaces - P Grollier

Business and corporate


Associate with   Les Arts Florissants to share our common values of excellence, creativity, authenticity and communication.

Participate   in promoting and sustaining one of the world’s most prestigious baroque music ensembles.

Enjoy   wide exposure in all Les Arts Florissants’ promotional materials.

Invite   your clients and partners to bespoke events at Les Arts Florissants concerts both in France and abroad.


Tax advantages (France)

A reduction in corporate tax equal to 60% of the amount of the gift (capped at 20 000 euros or 5‰ of turnover; amounts in excess of the cap can be spread over the five following fiscal years).

Amount received by Les Arts Florissants Net amount paid by you after tax reduction*
€100,000 €40,000
€75,000 €30,000
€50,000 €20,000
€25,000 €10,000
€15,000 €6,000
€10,000 €4,000
€5,000 €2,000


Support a specific projet

Associate your business with one of Les Arts Florissants’ projects and enjoy made-to-measure advantages according to how much you donate.












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They support us

Discover the donors, institutional and projects’ partners who support Les Arts Florissants. See the partners.