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Musicians of Les Arts Florissants


CD Cremona

Musical direction



Miriam ALLAN, soprano
Rachel REDMOND, soprano
Mélodie RUVIO, mezzo-soprano
Paul AGNEW, tenor
Sean CLAYTON, tenor
Alan EWING, bass, basse

Musical Editions: 
Les Arts Florissants (Pascal Duc)


Claudio MONTEVERDI - Madrigals, Second Book


Cantai un tempo, & se fu dolc’il canto

Claudio MONTEVERDI - Madrigals, First Book

Ch’ami la vita mia nel tùo bel nome
Baci soavi, e cari
La vaga pastorella
Poi che del mio dolore
Questa ordì il laccio
Fumia la pastorella
Ardo sì ma non t'amo
Ardi ò gela à tua voglia
Arsi & alsi à mia voglia

Claudio MONTEVERDI - Madrigals, Second Book

Non si levav’ancor l’alba novella…
… E dicea l’una sospirand’all’hora
S’andasse Amor à caccia
Se tu mi lassi, perfida, tuo danno
Ecco mormorar l’onde

Claudio MONTEVERDI - Madrigals, Third Book

O primavera, gioventù de l’anno
Sovra tenere herbette, e bianchi fiori 
Ch’io non t’ami, cor mio
Vattene pur, crudel :
Vattene pur, crudel (Prima parte)
Là tra ’l sangue (Seconda parte)
Poi ch’ella in sé tornò (Terza e ultima parte)

Today, Cremona is known for its luthiers. How often we forget that it was also the home of one of music’s greatest geniuses: Monteverdi was born there in 1567 and spent the first twenty years of his life in this little Lombardy town in the Po Valley where his musical vocation emerged.

It was during this period of his life that he wrote the first three Books of madrigals of which tonight’s programme offers an anthology. For conductor-singer Paul Agnew, “These works are remarkable in terms of their ambitiousness and their technique. Even though there is no doubt they were written during Monteverdi’s youth, we can already detect the first tremors of the musical earthquake he would instigate a few years later.”

His refreshingly new style, mastery of counterpoint and depiction of passionate love combine to make these pieces true gems underlining the transition from the Renaissance to the Baroque era. There can be no better ambassadors of this repertoire than Les Arts Florissants who have been performing it since 2011 as part of their complete cycle of Monteverdi’s madrigals — a vast enterprise which has led them right across Europe. Tonight’s programme, focussed on Cremona marks, in a way, a return to musical roots.

Previous dates

Season 2014/2015

Sorèze / France
Abbaye Ecole

  • Friday, July 10 2015, Musique des Lumières

La Perrière / France
Manoir de Soisay

  • Sunday, July 12 2015, 6pm, Les musicales de Mortagne-au-Perche

Ambronay / France

  • Friday, October 2 2015, Festival d’Ambronay
Season 2015/2016

London / United Kingdom
Christ Church Spitalfields

  • Thursday, December 10 2015, 7pm, Winter Festival

Gdańsk / Poland
Artus Court

  • Saturday, December 12 2015, 8pm

Zamora / Spain
Iglesia de San Cipriano

  • Saturday, March 5 2016, 7pm, Festival Pórtico

Madrid / Spain
Auditorio Nacional de Música

  • Monday, March 7 2016, 7.30pm
Season 2016/2017

Torino / Italy

  • Monday, January 9 2017, 9pm

Sydney / Australia
The Concourse

  • Monday, April 3 2017, 7.30pm

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