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Festival Dans les Jardins de William Christie 2019


The 8th edition of the festival Dans les Jardins de William Christie will take place from August 24 to 31st, 2019.

Box office: www.evenements.vendee.fr or by phone: (+33) (0)2 28 85 85 70

Festival Dans les Jardins de William Christie 2019


Les Arts Florissants

Musical direction


Musical Direction and tenor


The festival Dans les Jardins de William Christie is produced by Les Arts Florissants and by the Conseil Départemental de la Vendée.

The festival Dans les Jardins de William Christiewas created in 2012 out of a common desire of the Conseil Départemental de la Vendée and of Les Arts Florissants.

With one aim: to create a unique event which would bring together music and gardens, and to highlight the magnificent site in Thiré in order to make it known to a large public.



Operas on the Miroir d'eau

La Finta Giardiniera  • Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

August 24 & 25  • 8:30 PM • Reflecting pool ("Le Miroir d'eau")

“This is the future of baroque music.” Le Nouvel Observateur                                                                         
Le Jardin des Voix has become an acclaimed event, highly anticipated by both the public, eager to discover the voices of tomorrow, and programmers looking to snatch up young talents for the international music scene. Le Jardin des Voix is indeed a flourishing garden. Among the careers it has helped to launch are those of its remarkable ‘first blooms’: Sonya Yoncheva, Lea Desandre, Marc Mauillon and Christophe Dumaux.

For its 9th edition, and in honour of Les Arts Florissants’ 40th anniversary, the Academy has chosen to celebrate youth with an opera performed by its latest young talents, La finta giardiniera, written by Mozart at age 18. With playful marivaudage, this tale of deceit, love triangles and theatrics explores the adventures of a noblewoman disguised as a gardener, whose elaborate gamble in the name of love sets off a surprising turns of events. 

Musical and stage direction: William Christie
Semi staging: Sophie Daneman

Academy co-direction : Paul Agnew

Orchestra: Les Arts Florissants

With the 9th edition of Le Jardin des Voix : 

Mariasole Mainini (soprano, Italie) - Sandrina
Lauren Lodge Campbell (soprano, Australie / UK) - Serpetta 
Deborah Cachet (soprano, Belgique) - Arminda
Théo Imart (contre-ténor, France) - Ramino
Moritz Kallenberg (ténor, Allemagne) - Il contino Belfiore 
Rory Carver (ténor, UK) - Il Podestà
Sreten Manojlovic (basse, Serbie) - Nardo

Tickets: 25 € full price, 17 € reduced price (followed by "Méditation") / 20 € full price, 12 € reduced price (without "Méditation")


Odyssée Baroque  • Charpentier, Handel, Lully, Purcell, Rameau

August 30 & 31 • 8:30 PM • Reflecting pool ("Le Miroir d'eau")

This anniversary season, there is much excitement around the Baroque Odyssey concert, a resounding celebration of the spirit of Les Arts Florissants. Bringing together some of the greatest singers in the Ensemble’s history, the programme offers an anthology of some of the emblematic works behind the “Arts Flo” success. From Atys to excerpts from Rameau’s great operas and pieces by Charpentier, Handel and Purcell, the Ensemble’s orchestra and choir in full formation—a gathering of multiple generations of artists—pour their heart and soul and the best of their art into making each of these concerts truly unforgettable. As a first in the history of the Ensemble, they are conducted by not one but two maestros: William Christie and Paul Agnew!

Musical and stage direction: William Christie & Paul Agnew

Stage direction: Robert Carsen (stage adaptation : Christophe Gayral)
Orchestra & Choir: Les Arts Florissants

With: Élodie Fonnard (soprano), Rachel Redmond (soprano), Anna Reinhold (mezzo-soprano), Cyril Auvity (ténor), Lisandro Abadie (basse)

Tickets : 25 € full price, 17 € reduced price (followed by "Méditation") / 20 € full price, 12 € reduced price (without "Méditation")

 Before and after the concert, enjoy a peaceful evening in the illuminated garden.

Candlelit concerts

Aminta e Fillide   •  Handel

August 25 & 26  • 8:30 PM • Église de Thiré 

Composed in Rome, the cantata for two voices Aminta e Fillide blends the sacred and secular in a dialogue between nymph and shepherd. William Christie, a keen Handel specialist, chose to entrust this score brimming with youthful freshness to young musicians from the Juilliard School and two exceptional singers he had spotted recently in New York, both already highly sought-after in the international scene: Israeli soprano Shakèd Bar and American mezzo-soprano Jessica Niles. 

Musical direction: William Christie
With : Shakèd Bar (soprano), Jessica Niles (mezzo-soprano) et les jeunes instrumentistes de la Juilliard School de New York

Tickets: 20 € full price, 12 € reduced price (followed by "Méditation")

La messe à cinq voix  • William Byrd

August 29 & 30 • 8:30 PM • Thiré Church

In his day, organist, harpsichordist and chapel master William Byrd (1540-1539), dubbed the “father of music” in England, was surely one of his country’s greatest composers. A Roman Catholic, he benefited from the tolerance of Queen Elizabeth (a music lover), serving as Gentleman of the Chapel Royal alongside Thomas Tallis. His music is that of an exile singing the hope of return—in this instance, a return to the Roman Catholic communion celebrated by this Mass for Five Voices.  

Musical direction and tenor: Paul Agnew
With: Miriam Allan, Maud Gnidzaz, Mélodie Ruvio, Sean Clayton, Edward Grint

Tickets: 20 € full price, 12 € reduced price (followed by "Méditation")

Weimar Cantatas • Bach

August 30 & 31 • 8:30 PM • Thiré Church

Written at the ducal court in Weimar, these Bach cantatas mark a new stage in Paul Agnew’s exploration of the works of this legendary composer.

Musical direction and tenor: Paul Agnew

Tickets: 20 € full price, 12 € reduced price (followed by "Méditation")

Méditations à l'aube de la nuit

August 24th – August 31st (except for August 27 & 28) • Thiré Church

After each evening concert, all are welcome to finish their long day at the festival in a moment of calm and contemplation at the village church in Thiré, where a short program of sacred music will be performed.
Tickets to the Méditations cannot be bought separately from the concert that precedes them.

SPECIAL EVENT • Baroque dance ! 

August 28 • 8 :30PM & 10PM • Front of Thiré school

Les Arts Florissants invite the public, of all ages, to join in a festive evening of Baroque dancing. After a class taught by dancer Pierre-François Dollé, participants will be able to put their new skills into practice at the evening ball, dancing to the most celebrated Baroque airs that have marked the history of Les Arts Florissants. A Baroque ball for one and all! 

« Maître à danser » : Pierre-François Dollé

Tickets: 8€ full price, 5€ reduced price


August 24th to September 1st (except for 27 August) • 3:30 PM - 7:15 PM
Tickets: 8 € full price, 5 € reduced price, free for the under 3

Promenades musicales • 4:30 pm - 7:15 pm

Every afternoon, singers and musicians present short concerts in different parts of the garden.

Family workshops • 3:45 pm - 4:30 pm

Participative workshops for families, animated by artists from the Festival with links to the evening concerts.

Tours of the gardens & thematic lectures • 3:45 pm

Tours of the gardens in French or in English and thematic lectures given in one or two voices by enthusiasts of the gardens, garden specialists, art historians and authors.

The Ephemeral Garden : Le clos des tomates

The 2019 Temporary Garden (Jardin éphémère) - Maryvonne Pinault Prize honours that most illustrious of fruits: the tomato. Playfully designed visits of the "Clos des Tomates" are a fun way for festival-goers to discover one hundred of the most unusual tomato varieties, each more surprising than the last!

The Pépinière & the Garden Café

The Pépinière (in the garden) et the"Garden Café" (at Maison de la Fontaine, in the Quartier des Artistes in the village center) welcomes you all day long with beverages and snacks.
A bookstore is located at La Pépinière, where you can find books, recordings and goodies.

Previous dates

Season 2018-2019

Thiré / France
Miroir d'eau des Jardins de William Christie

  • Saturday, August 31 2019

Thiré / France

  • Friday, August 30 2019, La Messe à cinq voix - Byrd

Thiré / France
Miroir d'eau des Jardins de William Christie

  • Friday, August 30 2019

Thiré / France

  • Thursday, August 29 2019
  • Monday, August 26 2019
  • Sunday, August 25 2019, Aminta e Fillide - Handel

Thiré / France
Miroir d'eau des Jardins de William Christie

  • Sunday, August 25 2019
  • Saturday, August 24 2019

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