Arie e sonate barocche

Sonatas and arias for countertenor


Arie e sonate barocche
Sonatas and arias for countertenor


Orchestre des Arts Florissants

Musical direction



Hugh CUTTING, counter-tenor
Carlo VISTOLI, counter-tenor - absent on July 5, 11 and 12 for health reasons

Unfortunately, due to illness, Carlo Vistoli will not be able to perform the concerts of this program on July 5, 11 and 12, 2023. For these dates, an alternative program will be offered, with all singing parts performed by Hugh Cutting. > Download the new program

Stratospheric voices, twirling arias: this program, dedicated to virtuosity, invites us to a vocal high-flying act!

The two singers in this program represent the avant-garde of a new generation of Baroque singers. Both revealed by William Christie and his "Jardin des Voix" academy, they also share a spectacular range, whose triumphant high notes, particularly prized in the Baroque era, inspired composers to write some of their most brilliant works.

By bringing together these two champions of vocal flexibility, William Christie offers an explosion of virtuosity in a tailor-made program that brings together some of the most dazzling arias of Italian Baroque music.


Previous dates

Season 2023-24
  • Wednesday, July 12 2023, 8pm

Bonnemazon / France
Abbaye de l'Escaladieu

  • Tuesday, July 11 2023, 8pm

Sopot / Poland
Saint George Church

  • Wednesday, July 5 2023, 8pm, Sopot Classical Festival

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