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Marie-Antoinette's Harp


Marie-Antoinette's Harp


Instrumental ensemble of Les Arts Florissants


Carl Norac


Xavier DE MAISTRE, harp - Harp - Soloist

Eve COQUART - Actress

Florence MALGOIRE, violin - Violin
Sue-Ying KOANG, violin - Violin

Jean-Luc THONNERIEUX, alto - Alto

David SIMPSON, cello - Cello

Musical editions: Editions Bärenreiter & Henle - Mozart and Haydn; Les Arts Florissants (Pascal Duc) -  Krumpholz and Hermann.


Johann Baptist KRUMPHOLZ - Concerto Op 7 in B-flat Major ( Extract )



Joseph HAYDN - Symphonie n.85 in B-flat major "The Queen" ( Extract )



Johann David HERMANN - Concerto in F Major ( Extract )



Christoph Willibald GLUCK - Orphée et Euridice ( Transcription for harp solo of the “Danse des esprits bienheureux” in Orphée et Eurydice by Gluck )

A young queen plays the harp… A storyteller talks of Marie-Antoinette’s passion for music. A tale of royalty and music.

Marie-Antoinette’s reign did indeed represent a golden age for the harp in France. 

A devoted music lover (she particularly loved Hayden’s Symphony No. 85, which bears her title: “The Queen”) and herself a harpist, Marie-Antoinette contributed to the blossoming of a repertoire that Les Arts Florissants and Xavier de Maistre explore here on period instruments.

Family concert in relation with "Music for Marie-Antoinette" conducted by William Christie.


Workshop: “Marie-Antoinette’s Harp”

Public workshop

November 23rd, 2016 a 1:30 pm, Cité de la Musique / Philharmonie de Paris 

In relation to the family concert “Marie-Antoinette’s Harp”, this workshop presents the Baroque harp through musical excerpts from the concert’s programme, performed by Les Arts Florissants musicians.

> Duration: 1h

> For children age 7+ and their families, subject to availability.

> A workshop + family concert ticket is available.

Previous dates

Season 2016/2017

Paris / France
Philharmonie de Paris / Cité de la Musique, Concert hall

  • Wednesday, November 23 2016, 3pm

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