Monteverdi Madrigals

Vocal concert


Monteverdi Madrigals
Vocal concert


Solistes et instrumentistes des Arts Florissants

Musical Direction and tenor





Miriam ALLAN, soprano
Hannah MORRISON, soprano
Mélodie RUVIO, contralto
Sean CLAYTON, tenor
Cyril COSTANZO, bass


Claudio MONTEVERDI - Madrigals, Fourth Book ( Extraits )


Claudio MONTEVERDI - Madrigals, Fifth Book ( Extraits )


Claudio MONTEVERDI - Madrigals, Sixth Book ( Extraits )


Claudio MONTEVERDI - Madrigals, Seventh Book ( Extraits )


Claudio MONTEVERDI - Madrigals, Heighth Book ( Extraits )


After having explored the complete Monteverdi madrigals, Paul Agnew and Les Arts Florissants are continuing their exploration of this repertory. Conceived as an anthology, the trilogy of concerts Cremona, Mantova and Venezia allow us to hear the composer’s most beautiful music through three epochs of his life: youthful works in Cremona (Books I, II and III); the more mature style whilst in the service of the Duke of Mantua, Vincenzo Gonzago of Mantua (Books IV, V and VI); and the audacious “concertato” style in Venice where he was made Master of the Chapel of the Basilica of Saint Marks (Books VII and VIII).

"Avec les Madrigaux guerriers et amoureux du Huitième Livre, notamment dans les chefs-d’œuvre que sont le Lamento de la Nymphe et le Combat de Tancrède et Clorinde, le théâtre renforce l’association de la poésie et de la musique. Les Arts Florissants donnent de ces trésors une interprétation raffinée, sensible, et incroyablement vivante."
"With the war and love madrigals of the eighth book, most notably in the master works of the Lamento de la Nymphe and Il combattimento di Tancredi e Clorinda, the theatre reinforces the association of poetry with music. Les Arts Florissants give these treasures a refined, sensitive and incredibly lively interpretation."


In association with the concert: whilst in Quebec, Paul Agnew will give a public masterclass at the Palais Montcalm on the 5th October 2017.

Previous dates

Season 2017/2018

Montréal / Canada
Bourgie Concert Hall

  • Wednesday, October 4 2017, 7.30pm, Mantova

Québec / Canada
Palais Montcalm

  • Tuesday, October 3 2017, 8pm, Mantova

Ambronay / France

  • Sunday, October 1 2017, 5pm, Venezia

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