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Monteverdi, from profane to sacred


Monteverdi, from profane to sacred


Choir of Les Arts Florissants

Musical direction



Ellen GIACONE, soprano
Maud GNIDZAZ, soprano - (Bruxelles)
Violaine LE CHENADEC, soprano - (Pontoise)
Juliette PERRET, soprano
Marine CHAGNON, mezzo-soprano - (Pontoise)
Mathilde ORTSCHEIDT, mezzo-soprano - (Bruxelles)
Mélodie RUVIO, mezzo-soprano
Bastien RIMONDI, tenor
Sean CLAYTON, tenor - (Bruxelles)
Nicholas SCOTT, tenor - (Pontoise)
Marcio SOARES-HOLANDA, tenor
Cyril COSTANZO, bass
Matthieu WALENDZIK, bass

Florian CARRÉ, orgue


Giovanni GABRIELI - Intonatione del quinto tono

Claudio MONTEVERDI - O Jesu mia vita

Claudio MONTEVERDI - Cantemus laeti quae Deus efficit

Claudio MONTEVERDI - Maria quid ploras ad monumentum

Girolamo FRESCOBALDI - Toccata Settima

Claudio MONTEVERDI - O gloriose martyr

Claudio MONTEVERDI - Jesu dum te contemplor [d'après Cor mio mentre vi miro]

Claudio MONTEVERDI - O Stellae coruscantes

Claudio MONTEVERDI - Rutilante in nocte exultant

Claudio MONTEVERDI - Luce serena lucent

Claudio MONTEVERDI - Sancta Maria quae Christum peperisti

Luzzasco LUZZASCHI - Fantasia a quattro sopra Ave Maris Stella

Claudio MONTEVERDI - Qui laudes tuas cantat

Claudio MONTEVERDI - Stabat Virgo Maria

Claudio MONTEVERDI - Pulchrae sunt genae tuae

Girolamo FRESCOBALDI - Toccata avanti il Ricercar

Girolamo FRESCOBALDI - Recercar con obligo di cantare la quinta parte senza toccarla

Claudio MONTEVERDI - Felle amaro me potavit populus

"Les Arts Florissants and Paul Agnew are in their element and know how to draw from this music all the elegance it requires." Classica

A connoisseur of Monteverdi, whose complete madrigals he conducted, Paul Agnew invites us to rediscover this repertoire in an unusual light, with a program devoted to "contrafacta". These "forgeries", elaborated by Aquilino Coppini, are nothing other than adaptations of Monteverdi's madrigals to sacred texts. The music remains unchanged, but the poetic treatment is of the highest interest: Coppini, in an astonishing exercise of rhetoric, has shaped the sacred texts to bend them to the accents, rhythms and sonorities of the original secular texts whose resolutely erotic content finds, under his pen, a striking translation of religious ecstasy. This passage from the profane to the sacred is an opportunity to admire the extraordinary plasticity of Monteverdi's writing, which allows two very different readings of the same music.

"It is sacred music, but it retains its liveliness, its passion, its dissonance: a combination of things that makes it even more alive." Paul Agnew

Previous dates

Season 2022-23

Brussels / Belgium
Bozar - Eglise St-Jacques-sur-Coudenberg

  • Thursday, November 24 2022, 8pm
Season 2021-2022

Pontoise / France
Festival baroque de Pontoise

  • Friday, October 1 2021

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