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Concert vocal


A musical review with Lea Desandre & Jakub Józef Orlinski 


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A musical review with Lea Desandre & Jakub Józef Orlinski 


Les Arts Florissants

Musical programme and direction


Musical programme


Semi-stage direction



Christophe GARCIA


Lea DESANDRE, mezzo-soprano
Jakub-Józef ORLINSKI, counter-tenor

"William Christie, the pope of baroque music, escapes from what is supposed to be its favorite land to build a fascinating musical dialogue, through a journey in time and space.El Pais (Spain)

"Pasticcio is an unprecedented programme in the history of Les Arts Florissants. We have designed it as a festival of surprises, a celebration of love and sharing. It is the product of the combined desires of the artists in the multi-generational troupe that William Christie has formed around him, in which each person expresses their talents. Two exceptional singers, Lea Desandre and Jakub Józef Orlinski, play the different faces of a love that is forever young.

We have imagined an evening of exchange, with room for spontaneous improvisation, in which masks fall and we are revealed as we are. Thus, we also wanted to include other types of music that are dear to us: jazz and musicals from Bill’s homeland; and Thomas Dunford and Douglas Balliett in dialogue with the tender or heroic airs of our faithful Rameau, Monteverdi, and Handel. We wanted to play with mixing colours, to glide naturally from one style to another.

In a time marked by keeping our distances, we instead choose to raise the barriers, to come together, musicians and audience, in an explosion of joy and emotion made possible by all forms of music.”

Tami Troman

Violinist and co-musical designer of Pasticcio


Concert coproduced by the Festival de Pâques d’Aix-en-Provence, the Festival Dans les jardins de William Christie (Thiré-Vendée), the Théâtre impérial de Compiègne and Teatros del Canal (Madrid).

Previous dates

Season 2020-2021

Madrid / Spain
Teatro del Canal

  • Tuesday, March 23 2021
  • Thursday, March 25 2021

Compiègne / France
Théâtre Impérial

  • Monday, March 29 2021, 9.29pm, CANCELLED

Aix-en-Provence / France
Grand Théâtre de Provence

  • Wednesday, March 31 2021, Festival de Pâques - Aix-en-Provence - ONLINE

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