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William Christie, l'art de donner - documentary


William Christie, l'art de donner - documentary


Les Arts Florissants

Transmitting his passion and knowledge has been part of William Christie work for 40 years. Jarmila Buzkova offers her perspective on the maestro’s transmission work during Le Jardin des Voix Academy and the Dans les Jardins Festival.

"My goal was to catch the back and forth between William Christie and his students. They gave him all their energy while he shared the audacity of freedom, which he acquired along the years. William Christie’s vision of baroque musique gives fresh air to renewed art, full of surprises for the audience, and the young musicians."

The director Jarmila Buzkova invites us to follow her in Thiré, Vendée along with the laureates of Le Jardin des Voix Academy, and young musicians of the prestigious Julliard School of Music

Training young soloists at the Jardin des Voix Academy

William Christie is among the very few world renown directors to train young soloists thanks to his Academy with the complicity of Paul Agnew and Sophie Daneman. Young singers from around the world benefit from spending a three-week long training with Les Arts Florissants ensemble, with whom they will then tour the world, giving them the opportunity of performing in the most prestigious concert halls.

American musicians are joining the Ensemble

The Jardin des Voix Academy is now scheduled before the Dans les Jardins Festival. The Festival is the opportunity for the musicians from the Ensemble and from Julliard to meet and exchange while playing together. The Julliard School of Music is in a partnership with Les Arts Florissants since 2007.

Coproduction : Les Films Jack Fébus, France Télévisions - France 3 Pays de la Loire
With the participation of Arts Florissants and the support of  CNC, Région des Pays de la Loire, Procirep-Angoa and Sacem.

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Season 2019-2020

Paris / France
Philharmonie de Paris / Salle de conférence

  • Saturday, December 21 2019, 5pm

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