2021 Festival Dans les Jardins de William Christie: the press is unanimous!

September 7 2021

The 10th edition of the Festival ended on August 28th... an anniversary shaped like a firework, unanimously greeted by the press who came throughout the week of festivities!

"For its tenth edition, the Vendée festival returned to full scale, for a festive reunion between musicians and their audience, all beneath a stunning blue sky. From the musical promenades to the performance of “The Indian Queen”, heaven seemed not far off at all." Télérama
"Baroque music concerts in a variety of formats, both secular and sacred, where neophytes can be swept up in discovery and connoisseurs in marvel.Les Echos 
"The founder of Les Arts Florissants has turned this former smallholding into a temple of baroque music celebrating the marvellous union of art and nature." Ouest France 
"Where there is no place, no grove, no moment without music! A bouquet of colours, sensations and emotions from which emanates a profound feeling of joy, generosity and openness—the sense that one is living an extraordinary moment.ForumOpera.com
"The Domaine de Thiré has become a compulsory point of passage for many of the young generation of French musicians interested in the baroque repertoire." Diapason
"The days are rich in emotion, in this unique place of discovery for spectators drawn to baroque music and for idlers who love strolling through flourishing nature." Olyrix


On Partenope:  

"The vocal sextet, supported by Les Arts Florissants and the great William Christie, impresses with its vocal strength and ease on stage.Les Echos
"A partenope fit for an anthology" ★★★★★ Bachtrack
"William Christie leads it all with his characteristic rigour. The touch of lightness, just so, delightfully enriches the performance, conferring the extraordinary pleasure of watching a good show. This subtle balance is the charm and, indeed, one of the great strengths of Les Arts Florissants." Vivace Cantabile


On The Indian Queen:

"The orchestra is at the center of the evening, conducted with brio by Paul Agnew who plays the tempi and the colors with remarkable finesse, always attentive to an excellent vocal cast with impeccable diction.Forum Opéra
"It does not take much imagination to believe in these (South American) Indies transported to a garden in Vendée, where the candles light up as the night falls, casting gold on the trunks of the plane trees along the reflecting pool. (...) Joining Lauren Lodge-Campbell and her fellow Jardin des Voix laureates, the orchestra and chorus deliver musical fireworks, in tandem with truly sumptuous, soaring flares.Télérama


On the "Symphonie de Clavecins" concert:

"William Christie and the young Justin Taylor come face to face in Thiré’s small church, for a sparkling “Harpsichord Symphony.” While the two soloists offer striking contrast (...), the two instruments blend in harmonious polyphony.Télérama