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A bridge between India and Thiré

October 23 2020

Last month, the Fondation Les Arts Florissants - William Christie welcomed in Thiré Ayla Joncheere, a Belgian artist, arts manager and academic researcher, specialized in the performing arts from Rajasthan (India). A short residency to discover the Quartier des Artistes, and draw inspiration from it to create a new cultural center in Jodhpur!

A researcher at the Ghent University, Ayla Joncheere has co-founded her own NGO, Maghenta (Platform for Indian Inspired Arts) and is currently working on the creation of a new program: RRAP (Rajastan Rural Arts Program). This project, which gathers 4 cultural foundations based in Rajasthan and Europe, aims to promote traditional performing artists from this region by welcoming them in a heritage site rich with history. With that in mind she came to Thiré, in collaboration with the Association des Centres Culturels de Rencontre, to learn from the experience of the Cultural Heritage Center developped by the Fondation Les Arts Florissants - William Christie. 

A new opening to the world for the Quartier des Artistes! 

> Learn more on www.maghenta.be and www.jaipurvirasatfoundation.org