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A new digital adventure for Les Arts Florissants, with Google Arts & Culture!

May 7 2024

Come and immerse yourself in the heart of the rich project of Les Arts Florissants, from the comfort of your own home.


Take a walk through William Christie's Gardens, leaf through little-known archive documents, go behind the scenes of creations since 1979 - all guided by the voices of the artists themselves: that's just some of what you'll find in this new digital space dedicated to Les Arts Florissants.

More archives and music... just a click away!

Highlighting William Christie's career, Paul Agnew's keys to listening to and analysing Purcell's music, the history of the gardens at Thiré told in Christie's own voice, video archives of the Jardin des voix and the Arts flo adventure, photos of the heritage of the Vendée... it's sure to be a rich and exciting discovery!

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The imaginary forests of William Christie

Internationally-renowned musician and garden lover William Christie shares his love of trees through an imaginary stroll down memory lane.

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Universal Purcell

Paul Agnew gives us a glimpse of the complexity of Purcell's work by offering keys to listening to this extraordinary repertoire, in which he is a specialist...

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The ‘Arts Flo’ adventure: the origins of a baroque project

Discover the origins of a unique and fascinating artistic adventure: how Les Arts Florissants breathed new life into Baroque music and established themselves as one of the most famous musical ensembles in the world!

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Le Jardin des Voix, baroque academy

The 12th edition of the Jardin des Voix academy has just been announced, so let's take a look back at the history of this essential nursery for young singers, which has helped to reveal a whole new generation of Baroque singers...

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Thiré, a thriving Vendée village

From agriculture to baroque music, a century of adventure in a Vendée village... through the photo archives of its inhabitants!

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