ArtsFloTuto Myriam Rignol


#ArtsFloTuto: the Arts Flo artists share their passion with you!

August 21 2021

Filmed at the 2021 Festival Dans les Jardins de William Christie, the #ArtsFloTuto videos invite you to discover little-known aspects of the Baroque art of gardens and music... thanks to the artists of Les Arts Florissants, who share with you their passion and their taste for transmission! (videos in French)

The baroque recorders - With Sébastien Marq

Singing in the Gardens - With Elodie Fonnard

The game of 7 differences between the viola da gamba and the violin - A family tutorial for all, with Myriam Rignol and Emmanuel Resche!

"The Indian Queen" Bourrée dance - With Pierre-François Dollé

Finding one's baroque voici - With Paul Agnew

Violin and baroque pitch - With Emmanuel Resche

What is a topiary? - With William Christie