First Odyssée residency at Le Quartier des Artistes

March 29 2021

The Arts Florissants’ arts campus, Le Quartier des Artistes, is currently hosting Andrea Massa Bernucci, laureate of the first Odyssée residency in Thiré (Vendée - Pays de la Loire) awarded by ACCR (Association des Centres Culturels de Rencontre).

What is the ACCR Odyssée programme?

ACCR is the Association of ‘Centres Culturels de Rencontre’, a label recognising heritage sites offering rich cultural programming. In conjunction with the French Ministry of Culture, the ACCR Odyssey programme allows such heritage sites, including the Les Arts Florissants – William Christie Foundation, to offer residencies for an artist and/or cultural professional from abroad, i.e. a gardener, landscaper, musician, musicologist, art historian, architecture historian, etc.

Who is the first laureate?

Andrea Massa Bernucci has been awarded the first Odyssée residency at the Arts Florissants’ Quartier des Artistes in Thiré.

This young Italian landscape architect living in Edinburgh is currently hosted for a one-month residency at Le Quartier des Artistes—the Les Arts Florissants – William Christie Foundation’s arts campus in Thiré—in order to study the Thiré gardens, particularly their architecture and the relation between garden and stone.