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Let's stay connected, together!

October 30 2020

Following the announcement of a new confinement by the French government, William Christie, Paul Agnew and the whole team of Les Arts Florissants wanted to send a message to the public:

Dear Friends,

For all of us in the performing arts, the re-confinement we are currently experiencing is a very difficult time.

Unfortunately, our Hear My Prayer program, for which the international tour had already been canceled, will not be presented to the public at the end of November  in Nantes, Angers and the Philharmonie de Paris. We — artists and administrative & technical teams — are very saddened by this.

But we are not giving up hope, because we know we will meet again soon — and actually, we are not leaving you at all! In addition to our postponed concerts, we are organizing video events for you to enjoy in the more immediate future. We will also do everything to stay close thanks to the internet and social networks, just like during the confinement last March. And our rehearsals will continue so that our meeting again in December will be even more beautiful!

Soon, we will share new surprises with you. Let's stay connected, together!

Remain strong and take care of yourselves.

William Christie, Paul Agnew and the entire team of Les Arts Florissants