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L'air de cour: The art of fine singing according to Bertrand de Bacilly 

From January 11 to 13, 2024, Thiré, Vendée

A 3-day workshop with Marc Mauillon, a major solo singer of Les Arts Florissants, to dive into the repertoire of polyphonic and solo arias in the light of Bacilly's treatise Remarques curieuses sur l'art de bien chanter.

This masterclass will be the occasion to work on pieces from Moulinié, Boesset, Lambert, Le Camus, Chabanceau de La Barre…

For whom? 

Singers (any tessitura), young professionals or students from higher education institutions.

Where and when? 

From January 11 to 13, 2024 (arrival on 10) at the Quartier des Artistes in Thiré (Vendée), an exceptional heritage site combining the beauty of the gardens and the pleasures of music, home of the Festival Dans les Jardins de William Christie.

Pedagoical aim

  • To work on declamation in poetry, prononciation as Bacilly conceives it, prosody and ornementation.
  • To develop one's skills as a soloist and a polyphonist. The capacity to switch quickly from one to the other is indeed a key aptitude for any singer with Les Arts Florissants. 
  • To find or develop a musical relationship with an accompanist playing an instrument other than a keyboard.


The schedule will be composed of group, individual or theoritical approach sessions (sources, contexts, etc...)

A public presentation will be given to the residents of Thiré on the final day.

Limited to a maximum of 5-6 participants.


The singers wishing to participate should send us : 

  • A resume
  • A cover letter 
  • A recording of a French piece from the 18e century. 


To register, fill in the online form (here) 

Apllication deadline : October 10, 2023 

Living and educational expenses: 

400 euros, including the educational part, accommodation in a single room (Quartier des artistes), meals and transfers from train station or airport.

Information and inquiries by e-mail to masterclasses@arts-florissants.org