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Laureate of the Jardin des Voix, 2nd edition (2005)

"Being a part of Le Jardin des Voix and exploring the world of baroque music with William Christie and Les Arts Flo has been the most wonderful time of my musical career and a great honor. The passion and love for the music were simply contagious, and the infinite knowledge and distinction of the various styles and periods were even overwhelming at times. While I really enjoyed singing baroque music before, this experience was humbling. It made me fall in love and opened many doors. 
Not only were the fellow singers all exceptionally talented, but also lovely and warm people, it felt like being a part of a little family. We basically conquered the world together, visiting all those amazing places and concerts halls, being introduced to the most wonderful music and performing in front of huge and enthusiastic crowds, together with this group of brilliant and passionate musicians!
I can’t thank Bill and everybody at Les Arts Florissants enough for this life altering experience, the love and care, the support, the trust and last but not least for choosing me to be a part of all this. 
With eternal gratefulness, 
(André Morsch, 2021)


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