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Laureate of the Jardin des Voix, 3rd edition (2005)

"To say that Le Jardin des Voix was a milestone for me, would be not enough. In fact it was a foundation stone and it will always be very special to me.
I was at my second year of studies at the time when I entered in to this amazing world. I had no real experience in a proper performance of early music and everything was new for me.
I consider myself very lucky that I could take my first steps in this world being held by hand of Bill Christie and Paul Agnew.
Le Jardin des Voix was an amazing adventure that allowed me to perform beautiful music in the greatest music halls. It has also opened my mind to the theory knowledge that I wouldn’t be able to learn back at home.
But the true power of this project are people.
Lovely fellow singers amongst who one can find lifetime friendships; absolutely phenomenal members of Les Arts Florissants, who were always very friendly, kind and encouraging when we needed it; and of course our mentors, who gave us their experience, knowledge and motivated us every day to be a better artist.
The time I have spent as a part of Les Jardin des Voix is a foundation of the artist I am today and for that I am grateful."
(Michal Czerniawski, 2021)

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