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40th anniversary : Media coverage


In honour of Les Arts Florissants 40th birthday, our media partners are allowing a large audience to (re)discover the ensemble's work. Live broadcasts or rebroadcasts, replay of legendary productions, exclusive interviews, stories : find out more on the radio, online or on television !

Logo France Musique


A historical partner of Les Arts Florissants, France Musique broadcasts every year the greatest concerts of the ensemble and invites its artists, on the radio as well as online. All the more during this anniversary year !

Highlights of the 40th anniversary :

  • A special 'Arts Flo' week on December 16th to 21st
  • Interviews with William Christie and Paul Agnew
  • Live broadcast of the greatest 2019 concerts and the anniversary weekend at the Philharmonie de Paris
  • Rebroadcasts of iconic records throughout the year
  • Highlighting of Les Arts Florissants on France Musique's website and social media
  • France Musique supports all CD and DVD  releases in Harmonia Mundi's « Les Arts Florissants » collection in 2019.



Highlights :

  • May 2019 : special 'Arts Flo' months with a few of the most beautiful productions to see in prime-time : Atys, Dido and Æneas, Hercules, Armide et La Didone.
  • December 21st, 2019 : special 'Arts Flo' day.


Radio classique

Highlights :

  • A special series in honour of Les Arts Florissants' 40th anniversary
  • A special day on October 22nd



Throughout the year, Les Arts Florissants and INA will (re)explore the video archive of Les Arts Florissants on their website and social media.