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Divine Hymns

Henry Purcell and his contemporaries


Divine Hymns
Henry Purcell and his contemporaries


Musiciens des Arts Florissants

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Henry PURCELL - Jehovah quam multi sunt

William CROFT - What art thou?

Henry PURCELL - Hosanna to the highest

Henry PURCELL - Lord, What is man, lost man ?

Henry PURCELL - Hear me, O lord

Henry PURCELL - Tell me, some pitying angel

Henry PURCELL - Since God so tender a regard Z. 143

Henry PURCELL - Oh all ye people clap your hands Z. 138

Henry PURCELL - In the midst of life

John BLOW - Peaceful is he and most secure

Pelham HUMFREY - Lord I have sinned

Pelham HUMFREY - Wilt thou forgive that sin

Henry PURCELL - The night is come

Henry PURCELL - Close thine eyes

Henry PURCELL - An Evening Hymn / Now that the sun hath veil'd his light

John BLOW - Salvator mundi

Henry PURCELL - In guilty night [Saul and the witch of endor] Z. 134

Dates passées

Saison 2008/2009

Caen / France
théâtre de Caen

  • vendredi 12 décembre 2008

Paris / France
Opéra Comique

  • samedi 6 décembre 2008

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