Les Arts Florissants: a non-profit organization under the French law of 1901

Les Arts Florissants are a non-profit organization constituted under the French law of 1901. Their mission is to perform and make known, in France and abroad, the music and musical heritage of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, as well as to engage in, without limitation, any activities of composition, research, teaching, training, and publishing related to the promotion of Baroque music.

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The board of directors comprises: 

College of the Founding Members

William Christie
John Hoyland
Henry-Claude Cousseau Vice President
Pierre Legal President
Jean-Philippe Hottinguer
Martine Kahane Secretary

College of the Members by right

Ministère de l’Intérieur (Thomas Campeaux)
Ministère de la Culture (Thomas Loiseau)
Région Pays de la Loire (Myriam Garreau)
Département de la Vendée (François bon)
Commune de Thiré (Catherine Denferd)

List of the Qalified Members

Catherine Massip Treasurer
Dominique Senequier
Bernard Selz
Laurent Bayle (directeur général de la Philharmonie de Paris)
Françoise Girard (présidente des American Friends of Les Arts Florissants)

Les Arts Florissants are a member of the Fédération des Ensembles Vocaux et Instrumentaux Spécialisés and of PROFEDIM.

How to contact Les Arts Florissants

Registered Office address:
32, rue du Bâtiment
85210 Thiré, FRANCE

Postal address:
Les Arts Florissants 
221 avenue Jean Jaurès
75019 Paris

Les Arts Florissants may also be contacted by email :

Les Arts Florissants team

William Christie, Founder and Musical Director
Paul Agnew, Musical codirector

To contact an individual working at Les Arts Florissants, you can either use the form above or write directly to the person concerned via email, using the following format:

initial of the person’s first name, followed by their family name (all attached) @arts-florissants.com.

General management

Muriel Batier, General Manager

Management and general affairs
Zoé Bullot, Administration and General Affairs Officer
Valérie Pinturaud, Administration and Accounts Manager
Sylva Aziz Nissan, Accountant
Christian Williams, Estate Stewart in Thiré
NN, service civique, ambassadeur des Arts Florissants à Thiré

Public relations, communications, and sponsorship
Rebecca Allaigre, Head of Philanthropy
Astrid Laclavière, Development Associate
Marie Lobrichon, Head of Communication
Natacha Semenoff, Public Relations Manager

Artistic programming

Jacqui Howard, Director of Programming

Production, concert sales, and education
Christophe Olive, Production Manager
Charlotte Blin, Casting and Education Coordinator Officer
Jean-Christophe Cassagnes, Head of concert sales

Intermitent team:
Aude Balestic, Production and Tour Manager
Frédéric Mazin, Stage Manager
Stefan Früh, Production and Tour Manager

Music library
Pascal Duc, Musical Advisor
Nicolas Monty, Editions Manager
Fannie Vernaz, Musical Advisor, Music Library Manager