CD Un jardin à l'italienne JDV7


Un Jardin à l'italienne

CD Un jardin à l'italienne JDV7

Un Jardin à l'italienne


Les Arts Florissants


Lucía MARTIN-CARTON, soprano
Lea DESANDRE, mezzo-soprano
Carlo VISTOLI, counter-tenor
Nicholas SCOTT, tenor
Renato DOLCINI, baritone
John Taylor WARD, bass

Spectacles(s) lié(s)

The six young singers of the Academy of Le Jardin des Voix, selected from several hundred candidates, offer us a musical journey through some of the finest pieces in the Italian repertory, from a Banchieri madrigal to Haydn’s Orlando paladino. Thanks to an outstanding training programme and the musical values transmitted by William Christie and Paul Agnew, here is a chance to discover both some splendid vocal gems and a group of new performers who honour them with talent, grace and humour. Sheer delight!


Harmonia Mundi

Date d'édition
Friday 8 September 2017


Durée totale

Date de captation
Sunday 11 September 2016

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