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Support the Fondation Les Arts Florissants by becoming a volunteer!


Would you like to get involved and participate in the Foundation's activities?

Throughout the year, we need in Thiré (Vendée, Pays de la Loire):

  • people to help us with the transfer and reception of artists and residents in the Quartier des Artists (all year round and especially during the Festivals)
  • people with a passion for baroque music, architecture, gardens and history, to offer guided tours during the William Christie's Gardens' opening period, especially in June for the "Rendez-vous au Jardin" days and in mid-September for the European Heritage Days
  • people who like to participate in the organization of events (logistics, meals, management...)
  • volunteer gardeners...

We have many needs, so don't hesitate to contact us if you would like to join the Arts Florissants volunteer team!



Anne Deruyter, project manager
(+33) (0)6 80 42 50 95