Concert & Café: Adrien Mabire

Festival de Printemps - Les Arts Florissants


As part of the Spring Festival, Festival de Printemps - Les Arts Florissants 2024

Concert & Café: Adrien Mabire
Festival de Printemps - Les Arts Florissants


Les Arts Florissants


Adrien MABIRE, Cornet à bouquin
Jean-Luc HO, clavecin

After a classical training in modern trumpet, Adrien Mabire developed a passion for early music and wind instruments of that period, studying with Serge Delmas (cornet à bouquin), Jean-François Madeuf (natural trumpet) and Elsa Franck (recorder). He participates in the productions of ensembles such as Le Poème Harmonique, Artaserse, Oltremontano, Le Concert Spirituel, Ricercar Consort, Correspondances, l'Orchestre des Champs-Élysées, Collegium Vocale, Anima Eterna... In addition to his performing activities, he teaches cornet à bouquin and baroque trumpet at various international academies and institutions.

Accompanied by harpsichordist Jean-Luc Ho, this recital will be an opportunity to discover the expressive richness of one of Adrien Mabire's favored instruments, characteristic of 17th-century Italian Baroque music and endowed with an intriguing name: the cornet à bouquin...

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  • Sunday, April 21 2024, 11am, Festival de Printemps - Les Arts Florissants
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