Senaillé & Leclair Sonatas


Senaillé & Leclair Sonatas


Les Arts Florissants

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George Frideric HANDEL - Sonata for violin and basso continuo in D major HWV 371 (opus 1 nr 13)

Jean-Baptiste SENAILLE - Sonata n°6 en G minor (Book 1)

Jean-Marie LECLAIR - Sonata n°5 in A major (Book 1)

Jean-Baptiste SENAILLE - Sonata n°5 in C minor (Book 1)

Jean-Baptiste SENAILLE - Sonata n°10 in D major (Book 3)

Jean-Marie LECLAIR - Transcription from Sonata n°5 for two violins in E minor op.3

Jean-Marie LECLAIR - Sonata n° 2 in F major (Book II)

Jean-Baptiste SENAILLE - Sonata n°5 in E minor (Book 4)

Arcangelo CORELLI - Folia (Sonatas, op.5)

"The young violinist joins forces with the founder of Les Arts Florissants to bring the work of Jean-Baptiste Senaillé out of oblivion. A dazzling discovery." Telerama

"The great master and the young prodigy deliver virtuoso and poetic pages" CHOC by Classica

"Théotime Langlois de Swarte fits without apparent effort into the aesthetic mold established by the founder of Les Arts Florissants: the young violinist's ardor is tempered with great delicacy." Diapason
"Whatever the tempo, a quintessentially French danciness is paramount, an elegant playfulness that breathes even through Italianate harmonic wanderings.The New York Times
"Beyond the originality of the program, the meeting of two artists many years apart is a pure miracle of musical understanding - a true moment of grace.Concertclassic.com

At the crossroads of the Italian and French schools, Leclair and Senaillé were in a way the Paganinis of the French 18th century. Virtuoso as well as poetic, always formidably rhythmic and danceable, their sonatas found two ardent defenders under the fingers of Théotime Langlois de Swarte and William Christie. Across the generations, the great master of Baroque music and the young violin prodigy combine their talents to help us rediscover these still unjustly unknown pages.

"To create this program, I read all of the violin sonatas written in France at the beginning of the 18th century and preserved in the Bibliothèque nationale de France - most of which are still unpublished. When I discovered the Sixth Sonata in G minor by Senaillé, I fell in love with it. This music had an incredible dramatic potential that I immediately associated with William Christie, whose theatrical sense has always fascinated me." Théotime Langlois de Swarte
"Things happen between Theotime and I in an extremely natural way. I have my own style on the harpsichord, an attachment to a certain sound, but we share the discovery of the work of Senaillé, a master who had been asleep for a long time. Théotime brings his intelligence, his enthusiasm and his know-how. (...) In the early music world there is a certain camaraderie: we love this music perhaps more than others and we share this sense of discovery. After this experience, I simply feel rejuvenated. That's the beauty of music." William Christie

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