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La liberté face à tous les pouvoirs


La liberté face à tous les pouvoirs


Les Arts Florissants

Who was Jean de La Fontaine? Contemporary of Louis the 14th, author of fables that made him famous throughout the world, La Fontaine was above all a free man who did not hesitate to use his pen to ridicule the powerful, while defying censorship thanks to the ingenious detour through the animal world...

After dedicating in 2017 the book La Fontaine, école buissonnière, Erik Orsenna, member of the Académie Française, paints a poetic portrait of this unclassifiable artist on the occasion of the 400th anniversary of his birth. A concert-conference mixing literature and music, where the fables find an echo in the pieces of composers such as Charpentier, d'Anglebert, Lully, Couperin or Dufau, interpreted by the artists of Les Arts Florissants.

Previous dates

Season 2020-2021

Saint-Michel-en-Thiérache / France

  • Sunday, July 4 2021, 11.30am
Season 2021-2022

Le Mans / France
Palais des Congrès et de la Culture

  • Tuesday, October 5 2021

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