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The Seasons - Haydn


The Seasons - Haydn


Choir and Orchestra of Les Arts Florissants

Musical direction



Joseph HAYDN - Les Saisons

"I am now, essentially, an old man. But like many musicians who have been working for a long time, my loves and passions, my predilections change. And there is one composer who has been particularly close to my heart for a number of years now: I am talking of Joseph Haydn. I enjoy his company immensely, whether it be with his symphonies or some of his choral works. I have played them all, but not enough. Today, we're going to take up one of his most iconic works, a feel-good work that seems to be able to solve all worries and gives great pleasure: The Seasons. Along with The Creation, it is probably the most important piece of Haydn's last years. And I am looking forward to experiencing the joy of performing it again."

William Christie

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