AGNEW 1827 Oscar Ortega

Semi-staged opera


Claudio Monteverdi


Claudio Monteverdi


Les Arts Florissants

Musical Direction and staging


Language coach


Costumes design


Sets and Lights

Christophe NAILLET


Cyril AUVITY, Orfeo
Hannah MORRISON, Euridice / Musica
Paul AGNEW, Apollo / Eco
Miriam ALLAN, Proserpina / Ninfa
Lea DESANDRE, Messaggiera / Speranza
Carlo VISTOLI, Spirito infernale / Pastore
Sean CLAYTON, Pastore
Zachary WILDER, Spirito infernale / Pastore
Antonio ABETE, Plutone / Spirito infernale / Pastore
Cyril COSTANZO, Caronte / Spirito infernale

Coproduction Les Arts Florissants, Le Théâtre de Caen, Philharmonie de Paris

This concert forms part of the celebrations for the 450th anniversary of Claudio Monteverdi’s birth.


It needs no introduction: today L’Orfeo is one of opera’s essential works, programmed on stages all over the world.

It’s no surprise that Les Arts Florissants has presented it more than once (notably in Madrid, for a Monteverdi trilogy put on by Pier-Luigi Pizzi). But 2017 marks the first performance of the work under the baton of Paul Agnew, Associate Music Director and Associate Conductor of the Ensemble, who just finished their run of Monteverdi’s complete madrigals after four years of concert performance across Europe.

Paul Agnew will handle the artistic direction of this new production. By his side is Cyril Auvity as Orfeo, heading up a cast that unites a host of singers, most of whom hail from the Jardin des Voix. Costumes will be designed by Alain Blanchot, unanimously acclaimed by the press for his sumptuous work on the Sant’Alessio and Rameau, maître à danser.

A highlight of the 2016-2017 Season for the Ensemble.

“This is an intimate Orfeo. The relatively spare decor places the work back into Antiquity and sets the music – and through the music, the text – at the heart of the show and of the spectator’s experience. This simplicity allows us to apply the principle that governs all of Monteverdi’s work, in which the text must guide the harmony.”
Paul Agnew

Previous dates

Season 2016/2017

Paris / France
Philharmonie de Paris / Grande Salle Pierre Boulez

  • Monday, March 20 2017, 8.30pm

Madrid / Spain
Teatros del Canal

  • Saturday, March 11 2017
  • Friday, March 10 2017

Versailles / France
Opéra Royal

  • Wednesday, March 8 2017, 8pm

Katowice / Poland
PNRSO Concert Hall

  • Saturday, March 4 2017, 7.30pm

Vienna / Austria

  • Thursday, March 2 2017, 7pm

Caen / France
théâtre de Caen

  • Tuesday, February 28 2017, 8pm

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