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Schütz - Italian Madrigals


Schütz - Italian Madrigals


Les Arts Florissants

Musical Direction and tenor



Hannah MORRISON, soprano
Miriam ALLAN, soprano
Maud GNIDZAZ, soprano - en alternance
Natasha SCHNUR, soprano - en alternance
Mathilde ORTSCHEIDT, contralto
Nicolas KUNTZELMAN, counter-tenor - en alternance
Sean CLAYTON, tenor
Thomas HOBBS, tenor - en alternance
Edward GRINT, bass
Jonathan SELLS, bass - en alternance
Igor BOUIN, bass - en alternance
Anicet CASTEL, bass - en alternance

"Schutz is maybe the fundamental composer of the German baroque. As a young man, je went to Italy to learn from the greatest; there he meets Gabrielli, and at the end of his trip, he published a book of madrigals. (…) These madrigals are fundamental for German music, but first of all they are a pleasure to hear and to sing."
Paul Agnew

Schütz's collection of Italian Madrigals (his first book of madrigals) owes its existence to the composer's two apprenticeship trips to Italy, during which he received advice from Giovanni Gabrieli and Claudio Monteverdi. Published in Venice in 1611, they constitute the basis of all his future sacred works. Based on descriptive intentions characteristic of the madrigal style, they already show "the independence of thought and the authority of a true creator", as Roger Tellart notes about them. They possess all the qualities that testify to the creative genius of their author, considered the greatest German musician before Bach.


"The British tenor and conductor defends a vision of the Baroque repertoire that is both demanding and inclusive, between erudition and spontaneity.», Bachtrack

Concert recorded by France Musique radio and broadcasted on June 7, 2022. at 8pm France Musique FM CMJN F

Previous dates

Season 2022-23

Pontoise / France
Festival baroque de Pontoise

  • Saturday, October 22 2022, 8.30pm

Ambronay / France

  • Saturday, September 17 2022, 3pm, Festival d'Ambronay
Season 2021-2022

Innsbrück / Austria

  • Saturday, August 13 2022, 8pm, Innsbrucker Festwochen den Alten Musik
  • Wednesday, June 29 2022, 11am, Rencontres musicales d'Evian
  • Tuesday, June 7 2022, 7.30pm
  • Wednesday, May 18 2022, 8.30pm

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