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Semi-staged opera

The Fairy Queen

Henry Purcell


The Fairy Queen
Henry Purcell


Orchestre des Arts Florissants

Musical direction


Musical direction


Choreography and stage direction



Paulina FRANCISCO, soprano
Georgia BURASHKO, mezzo-soprano
Rebecca LEGGETT, mezzo-soprano
Juliette MEY, mezzo-soprano
Ilja AKSIONOV, tenor
Rodrigo CARRETO, tenor
Hugo HERMAN-WILSON, baritone
Benjamin SCHILPEROORT , bass-baritone

Dancers of the Compagnie Käfig: Samuel Florimond, Anahi Passi, Alary-Youra Ravin, Timothée Zig, Ian Debono*, Joey Gertin* (*student dancers of the Juilliard School)


Henry PURCELL - The Fairy Queen

A new production of Purcell's masterpiece, this Fairy Queen takes the gamble of youth and inventiveness, for a spectacular show!

In an enchanted forest, reality mixes with dreams, illusion and the supernatural, as the amorous paths and intrigues of young Athenians, woodland fairies and a troupe of actors cross.

Inspired by A Midsummer Night's Dream, The Fairy Queen draws on Shakespeare's comedy to create a funny and enchanting fairy tale that continues to amaze more than 300 years after its creation. First performed in London in 1692, just three years before Purcell's untimely death at the age of 35, this semi-opera is the work of a young prodigy. It contains some of the most beautiful arias he ever composed - such as the very poignant "O let me weep" or the lively "Thrice happy lovers" - in which his art of counterpoint and his sense of theater are fully displayed.

It is precisely this brilliance, this energy and this youthfulness that this new production intends to show. Led by Paul Agnew and William Christie, alongside choreographer Mourad Merzouki - who is making his first opera contribution - this Fairy Queen will be an opportunity to discover the new laureates of the Jardin des Voix, the academy for young singers of Les Arts Florissants. These eight soloists, selected from all over the world and already attracting the attention of the baroque community, will take turns embodying all the characters in this joyous fable, alongside contemporary dancers from the Käfig company.

A total lyrical experience, decidedly young and new, where yesterday's art meets today's for the greatest pleasure of all senses!


With the generous support of Aline Foriel-Destezet

The Fondation d'entreprise Société Générale C'est vous l'avenir is a major sponsor of the Jardin des Voix


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