Baroque LIVE


With the support of the Danny Kaye and Sylvie Fine Kaye Foundation, Les Arts Florissants have launched Baroque LIVE.


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This is an invitation programme allowing teens aged 12 to 20 who may not otherwise have had the opportunity, to attend a Baroque music concert in great conditions, meet the artists and extend their experience on social media. The programme was launched during the 2014-2015 season when high school students were invited to 3 concerts performed by Les Arts Florissants. 

Since then, the Baroque Live program has reached 16 cities all around the world : Paris, Angers, Nantes, Thiré, La Roche-sur-Yon, Ambronay, Melbourne, New-York, Los Angeles, Tokyo, Moscow, Nanjing, Incheon, Vienna, Valencia and Athens.


2019-2020 Baroque LIVE 

La finta Giardiniera, Mozart with Le Jardin des Voix • 19 novembre 2019 • Theater an der Wien, Vienna

28 students from the Gymnasium Contiweg

Baroque Live 2019 JDV9 Vienne IMG 20191119 7 Stefan Fru H

La finta Giardiniera, Mozart with Le Jardin des Voix • 17 novembre 2019 • Tchaikovsky Hall, Moscow

30 students

Baroque Live 2019 JDV9 Moscou D85 5470Vladimir Volkov Moscow Philharmonic

La finta Giardiniera, Mozart with Le Jardin des Voix • November 10th, 2019 • Palau Reina Sofia, Valencia 

26 students from the I.E.S 25 d'Abril

Baroque Live 2019 JDV9 Valencia IMG 3387 Jacky Howard

La finta Giardiniera, Mozart with Le Jardin des Voix • November 3rd, 2019 • Théâtre Graslin, Nantes 

30 students of the Lycée du Loquidy

Baroque Live 2019 JDV9 Nantes 03122019 DSC3979 Edouard Brane Baroque Live 2019 JDV9 Nantes 03122019 DSC3952 Edouard Brane

Baroque Live 2019 JDV9 Nantes 03122019 DSC3943 Edouard Brane Baroque Live 2019 JDV9 Nantes 03122019 DSC3935 Edouard Brane

The Messiah, Handel • October 17th, 2019 • Culture & Arts Center, Incheon

40 students from the San-In School in Séoul

Baroque Live 2019 Messie Coree Incheung IMG 4472  


2018-2019 Baroque LIVE

Monsieur de Pourceaugnac, Molière / Lully • 10 june 2018 • National Centre for the Performing Arts, Nanjing, China 

6 students of the Nanjing Foreign Language School 

It was our first play : an unforgettable experience ! It was great to listen to Western music. The plot was very funy. Our favorite character was Julie. She is a charming, smart and daring girl. Molière gave this play a happy end and we really liked it !  

Xinyi, Hui, Haosong 

"It was the first time I attended a show. I really liked it because it is a special one, with music and singing. The setting was beautiful. The musicians played really well. Among all, my favorite character is Julie : she dared going against her dad to fight for her freedom. » Yuzhang Jinguzen 

The Beggar's Opera • 2 november 2018 • Megaron, Alexandra Triadi Hall, Athens 

30 students of the 4th Junior High School, Heraklion 

"The show filled us with several emotions. The emotions that prevailed was excitement as well as agony about what is going to follow. In addition, the awe that we felt in the greatness of the whole situation made us shudder.
To sum up all that have been stated, it was such an incredible performance with talented actors, amazing scenery and breathtaking acting. We all enjoyed it while having a blast. Thank you for giving us this opportunity." 

Die Schöpfung, Haydn • 15 november 2018 • Lincoln Center, New-York 

Lodi High School, Lodi, New-Jersey 

Unfortunately, the students were not able to attend the show because of a snow storm. They had discovered the music of Les Arts Florissants before the concert by watching several performances in class from a DVD.  

The Beggar's Opera • 5 december 2018 • Le Grand R, La Roche-sur-Yon 

Due to their school schedules, not all the students could attend the concert. Nonetheless, 4 dance students of the "Secteur Danse" Association, and 4 members of the "Association des Jeunes de Thiré" were able to see the performance. 

Furthermore, 14 students of the modern jazz dance association "secteur danse" of Saint-Jean-de-Beugné could benefit from baroque dance lessons. Thus, they discovered baroque art and started to integrate baroque influences into their dance lessons and shows. 20 members of the "Association des Jeunes de Thiré" also benefit from a dance workshop in June 2018. They have been invited to all the general rehearsals of the festivals' concerts and of the Gesualdo's Madrigals in November 2018. 

The Beggar's Opera • 13 december 2018 • Théâtre Graslin, Nantes 

32 students of the lycée du Loquidy, Nantes 

"Thank you very much for this incredible show we really liked it. The actors were great especially Miss and mister Peachum. Thanks to the subtitles we understood pretty good the script.
The setting was amazing and the music too. The choreographies and the songs were very elaborated and we were impressed by the synchronization of the music and the actors’ moves. We were surprised by the end. 

Thank you again to give us the opportunity to attend this marvellous opera."

2017-2018 Baroque LIVE

October 1st, 2017 - Ambronay Festival, teenagers from Sainte-Marie d’Ambérieu attended Monteverdi Madrigali concert and met Paul Agnew after the concert. To continue their experience, they had a Skype talk with Paul Agnew.

Baroque Live Ambronay Montage Web

2016-2017 Baroque LIVE

June 2017, teenagers from the Thiré Youth Association (Association des Jeunes de Thiré - AJT) were invited to participate in baroque dance workshops in Vendée as an extension of their participation to the September 24 and 25 Baroque LIVE at the Philharmonie de Paris.

Montage Sanse Miaosn Fontaine 2017 Jacky Joccoton Web


> November 21, 2016 - Philharmonie de Paris

More information

Baroque LIVE - La Harpe Reine_3-banner

> September 24-25, 2016 - Philharmonie de Paris

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Baroque Live Philharmonie Paris 2016 M Lobrichon

2015-2016 Baroque LIVE

> June 9, 2016 - Collégiale Saint-Martin, Angers

Baroque Live Angers p D Fugere

> April 14, 2015 - Brooklyn Academy of Music, New York

Baroque Live BAM 2 F Naulot

> March 18, 2016 and December 4, 2015 - Philharmonie de Paris

Baroque L1ve Xperience Arts Florissants p P Gely

2014-2015 Baroque LIVE

On March 10, 2015 at the Melbourne Recital Centre in Australia, 26 teenagers were invited to attend the concert of the 7th edition of the Jardin des Voix and to meet the artists post-concert.Invites Melbourne William Christie W Woodrow


On May 11, 2015 at the Nantes Convention Centre, 21 teenagers attended the concert "Airs sérieux et à boire" conducted by William Christie, followed by a drink with the artists.



On May 18, at the Philharmonie de Paris, students from the Condorcet Lycée in Montreuil-sous-bois were able to attend the performance of the Madrigali Amorosi from Book VIII of the Monteverdi's madrigals, conducted by Paul Agnew. They next attended the Voyage de Monsieur Monteverdi, an educational concert on the birth of opera.