Jardins William Christie Festival Printemps 1662

The Nursery


Here we are in the “wings” of the garden. Like the vegetable garden, the nursery is primarily a workspace for William Christie’s gardeners, where throughout the year they prepare the plants that will soon be placed in the gardens. Each one receives special attention until it is finally ready to make its entrance on the garden “stage”!

The Nursery, in William Christie's words:

"Caring for a large garden is not just about beauty; it is also a technical feat, and the nursery is the emblem of this aspect. We have two nurseries here. One in the middle of the grounds, where the gardeners prepare the seedlings and cuttings; and another, more out of the way nursery where they store the stones for constructions and make compost, a key element of the garden. I owe a great deal to the men and women who work here: without them, there simply would be no garden."

William Christie

Plan JWC Pepiniere