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Andreas WOLF

Andreas WOLF

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Laureate of the Jardin des Voix, 4th edition (2009)

"I started singing as a boy and grew up with the music of Johann Sebastian Bach and therefore I had a good foundation in German Baroque Music. 
The chance to widen my perspective into the beautiful world of French Baroque under the guidance of Maestro William Christie and Paul Agnew was a true gift. Working with Les Arts Florissants is such a joyful experience. It feels like being part of a big family.
Until this day I am eternally grateful for the knowledge, the experiences and the friendships that were made during this time.
It is undeniable that having been part of Le Jardin des Voix boosted my career and opened doors to great opportunities.
May the participants of the 10th edition enjoy their time with the family of Les Arts Florissants as much as we all did.
Bon Anniversaire Le Jardin des Voix.
Let’s celebrate music."
(Andreas Wolf, 2021)

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