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Jean-Philippe RAMEAU

CD Platee 8905349 50 600

Jean-Philippe RAMEAU

Direction musicale

William Christie


Les Arts Florissants


Marcel BEEKMAN, haute-contre, Platée
Jeanine DE BIQUE, soprano, La Folie
Cyril AUVITY, haute-contre, Thespis /Mercure
Marc MAUILLON, baritone, Momus /Cithéron
Edwin CROSSLEY-MERCER, bass, Jupiter
Emmanuelle DE NEGRI, soprano, Amour /Clarine
Padraic ROWAN, bass, Satyre /Mommuss
Emilie RENARD, mezzo-soprano, Junon
Ilona REVOLSKAYA, soprano, Thalie

A marsh nymph thinks she so irresistible that Jupiter himself will take an interest in her . . . Brimming with exceptional dramatic and musical verve, this strangely under-recorded ‘ballet bouffon’ offers us Rameau’s art in a nutshell: glittering orchestration, harmonies and rhythms of unprecedented modernity. William Christie and his comrades plunge with delight into what is one of its composer’s most fascinating works.

"More flourishing than ever, the orchestra and its conductor, omnipresent, dynamic, colorful, as well in the slightest rigaudon as in the chaconne, give a true lesson in style. Haute couture." ★★★★ Diapason Magazine
"{This recording} constitutes, in our opinion, the happy continuation - and, to date, the most accomplished version - of a still recent process of rediscovery where, from version to version (and they remain rare), we never cease to be amazed." ★★★★ Forumope
"Alacrity, dynamism, panache, William Christie's conduction deploys the treasures of the Ramellian framework" Le Monde

Harmonia Mundi

Date d'édition
Friday 29 October 2021

Recorded at the Theater an der Wien

Date de captation
Monday 14 December 2020

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