les fetes venitiennes les serenades et les joueurs 4 - v pontet

Staged opera

Les Fêtes vénitiennes

André Campra


Les Fêtes vénitiennes
André Campra


Choir and Orchestra of Les Arts Florissants

Musical direction






Set design


Costumes design







Emmanuelle DE NEGRI, dessus, La Raison / Lucile / Lucie - (Théâtre du Capitole de Toulouse)

Magali LEGER, soprano, La Raison / Lucile / Lucie - (Brooklyn Academy of Music)

Élodie FONNARD, dessus, Iphise / La Fortune
Rachel REDMOND, dessus, Irène / Léontine / Flore
Emilie RENARD, bas-dessus, La Folie / Isabelle
Cyril AUVITY, haute-contre, Le Maître de danse / Un Suivant de la Fortune / Adolphe
Reinoud VAN MECHELEN, haute-contre, Thémir / Un Masque / Zéphir
Marcel BEEKMAN, taille, Le maître de musique
Jonathan McGOVERN, bass-baritone, Alamir / Damir / Borée
François LIS, bass, Le Carnaval / Léandre / Rodolphe
Sean CLAYTON, haute-contre, Démocrite
Geoffroy BUFFIÈRE, bass, Héraclite

On stage for the Sérénade
Christophe Robert, Emmanuel Resche, violins
Serge Saitta, Charles Zebley, flutes
Thomas Dunford, archilute

Dancers of Scapino Ballet Rotterdam


André CAMPRA - Les Fêtes Vénitiennes

At the end of the seventeenth century a new opera genre appeared — the opéra-ballet — with the creation of André Campra’s L’Europe Galante in 1697. Followed by Montéclair, Mouret and Destouches, Campra became one of the most brilliant innovators of the eighteenth century. Through his collaboration with Danchet, librettist of Les Fêtes Vénitiennes, he perfectly gratified the hedonist preoccupations of the Regency period in France: comic invention, a pragmatic approach to the art of love, biting observation of social mores, and incisive criticism of the Parisian theater milieu (particularly in the two entrées Le Bal and L’Opéra). 

A juxtaposition of little dramas, combining theater within theater, realistic and contemporary characters, simplified intrigues, and a commedia dell’arte ambiance, Les Fêtes Vénitiennes is a luxuriant work in which the aria, in a cantata style very influenced by Italy, holds sway, and dance and amusement are capital.

Following Platée, William Christie and Robert Carsen have once more joined forces to bring wit and panache to their recreation of this opéra-ballet, which will transport audiences into the delirium of the Venice Carnival.

Production: A new production by the Opéra Comique
Coproducted by Les Arts Florissants (sponsored by the Selz Foundation), the Théâtre du Capitol de Toulouse, the Théâtre de Caen, and the Centre de Musique Baroque de Versailles


les fetes venitiennes le bal - v pontet

Le Bal - Reinoud Van Mechelen (Thémir) and the choir of Les Arts Florissants

les fetes venitiennes les serenades et les joueurs 1 - v pontet

Les Sérénades et les Joueurs - Emmanuelle de Negri (Lucile) and Emilie Renard (Isabelle)

les fetes venitiennes les serenades et les joueurs 2 - v pontet

Les Sérénades et les Joueurs - François Lis (Léandre) and instrumentists on stage

les fetes venitiennes les serenades et les joueurs 3 - v pontet

Les Sérénades et les Joueurs - Élodie Fonnard (La Fortune)

les fetes venitiennes opera 1 - v pontet

L'Opéra - Emmanuelle de Negri (Lucie) and Rachel Redmond (Léontine)

les fetes venitiennes opera 2 - v pontet

L'Opéra - Marc Mauillon (Borée) and Rachel Redmond (Léontine)

Previous dates

Season 2015/2016

New York / United States
Brooklyn Academy of Music

  • Sunday, April 17 2016, 2pm
  • Saturday, April 16 2016, 7.30pm
  • Thursday, April 14 2016, 7.30pm

Toulouse / France
Théâtre du Capitole

  • Sunday, February 28 2016, 3pm
  • Friday, February 26 2016, 8pm
  • Thursday, February 25 2016, 8pm
  • Tuesday, February 23 2016, 8pm
Season 2014/2015

Caen / France
théâtre de Caen

  • Thursday, April 2 2015, 8pm
  • Wednesday, April 1 2015, 8pm

Paris / France
Opéra Comique

  • Monday, February 2 2015, 8pm
  • Sunday, February 1 2015, 3pm
  • Friday, January 30 2015, 8pm
  • Thursday, January 29 2015, 8pm
  • Tuesday, January 27 2015, 8pm
  • Monday, January 26 2015, 8pm

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