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From Schütz to Bach

Festival de Printemps (Spring Festival) - Les Arts Florissants


As part of the Festival de Printemps - Les Arts Florissants 2022: Sacred Heinrich Schütz

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From Schütz to Bach
Festival de Printemps (Spring Festival) - Les Arts Florissants


Choir and instrumentalists of Les Arts Florissants

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Heinrich SCHÜTZ

Would there have been Bach without Schütz? Johann Sebastian Bach's genius was not born out of nowhere; it was rooted in a rich musical soil, nourished by the contributions of other composers - most notably, Heinrich Schütz. While the Thirty Years' War set Germany on fire, Schütz traveled to Italy to meet the musicians who were revolutionizing music in those same years. These influences inspired him to create an incredibly rich body of work that was fundamental to the introduction of Baroque music in Germany - a wind of renewal whose effects were felt throughout the musical creation of his successors, up to and including Bach.

It is this fascinating legacy that this concert invites us to discover. Starting with works by Schütz and his contemporaries, Paul Agnew takes us on a musical journey, from one generation to the next, to hear the development of a style, until its sublimation in Bach, where the Baroque spirit unfolds with a freedom and singularity from which we can never cease to marvel.

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Season 2021-2022
  • Friday, May 6 2022, 8.30pm, Festival de Printemps - Les Arts Florissants

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