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George Frideric Handel


George Frideric Handel


Choir and Orchestra of Les Arts Florissants

Musical direction



Ana VIEIRA LEITE, soprano
Lucile RICHARDOT, contralto - (Fontevraud)
Hugh CUTTING, counter-tenor - (Compiègne, Paris)
Nicholas SCOTT, tenor - (Compiègne, Paris)
Andrew FOSTER-WILLIAMS, bass - (Fontevraud)
Edward GRINT, bass - (Compiègne, Paris)


Few works have been as famous across the centuries and continents as Handel's Messiah. First performed in Dublin in 1742, this oratorio consists of a skilful assembly of biblical texts - an originality in relation to the literary conventions of the time, which caused it to attract controversy. Nevertheless, it proved to be an immediate success, with no less than 36 performances given during Handel's lifetime...

Les Arts Florissants has long made the Messiah one of the flagship works of its repertoire. The numerous concert tours conducted by William Christie, as well as the recording released in 1994 by harmonia mundi, have made its interpretation a reference. However, Paul Agnew, now co-director of the Ensemble, had never before confronted this monument of Western music. This new concert tour opens a new page in the history of Les Arts Florissants!

And this experience will be made even more exceptional at the end of the concert, when the audience will be invited to sing along with the artists...

Download the scores for the participatory encore: "Hallelujah"  "Since by man came death"

Previous dates

Season 2023-24
  • Saturday, December 16 2023, 4pm

Compiègne / France
Théâtre Impérial

  • Friday, December 15 2023, 9pm

Fontevraud / France

  • Sunday, December 10 2023, 4pm

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