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Noëls de Charpentier

Musics for Christmas


Noëls de Charpentier
Musics for Christmas


Choir and Orchestra of Les Arts Florissants

Musical direction



Antiennes "O" de l'Avent, H.36-43

Marc-Antoine CHARPENTIER - Noëls sur les instruments H. 531

Marc-Antoine CHARPENTIER - Noëls sur les instruments H. 534 (extraits)

Marc-Antoine CHARPENTIER - In nativitatem D[omi]ni canticum H. 416

The time of the Nativity occupies a central place in the religious music of Marc-Antoine Charpentier, and it can even be said that no other French composer of the Grand Siècle offered such a diversified work as he did to celebrate Christmas. Antiphons Ô de l'Avent, instrumental Noëls, as well as Latin Histoires sacrées (or oratorios) and Pastorales in French: the composer uses the most varied genres to portray this central episode of the Christian liturgy. These pieces are also unique in that they represent one of the rare points of encounter between scholarly and popular music that can be observed in late 17th-century France.

A connoisseur of Charpentier, whom he helped rediscover in the 1980s, William Christie has conducted these iconic works on many occasions with Les Arts Florissants. However, this new series of concerts promises to be a premiere in terms of its originality. First, by proposing a spatial setting of these liturgical pieces, so as to emphasize their eminently dramatic dimension. Then, by showing the full diversity of these works through a concert program that feature both the great sacred pieces in Latin and the more popular pastorals in French.

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Versailles / France
Chapelle Royale

  • Friday, December 16 2022, 9pm
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Paris / France
Philharmonie de Paris

  • Saturday, December 17 2022, 8pm
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London / United Kingdom
Barbican Centre, Concert Hall

  • Monday, December 19 2022, 7.30pm
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