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Inauguration of the Salle de Bal, a new building in the Quartier des Artistes

August 31 2023

On August 26, as the Festival Dans les Jardins de William Christie drew to a close, a new venue was inaugurated in the heart of the Quartier des Artistes: the Salle de Bal!

"It's with great pleasure that we welcome the addition of the Salle de Bal to our Quartier des Artistes, a project so dear to our hearts. This new space will offer new opportunities for artists to work together, but also to share their art with the people of the village - and this prospect fills us with joy." William Christie & Paul Agnew - Co-musical Directors of Les Arts Florissants

Financed by a fundraising campaign led by the Fondation du Patrimoine, with the support of the Mission du Patrimoine headed by Stéphane Bern and the assistance of partners and patrons, the restoration of this building in the heart of the village marks a new milestone in bringing the Quartier des Artistes to life throughout the year.

The Salle de Bal has indeed undergone major restoration work since 2017, led by the Fondation Les Arts Florissants - William Christie under the direction of Matthieu Gillet / Perrot & Richard Architectes. Once a derelict building, it will soon be contributing to the year-round life of the campus, as well as enhancing the region's characteristic rural habitat, in full respect of traditional techniques. In particular, the Salle de Bal will provide a new rehearsal space for artists.

The entire Fondation Les Arts Florissants - William Christie team would like to extend its warmest thanks to all the partners, patrons and craftsmen who have made this project possible!

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