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The SELZ Foundation


The SELZ Foundation is a principal sponsor of Les Arts Florissants since 2011.

The Foundation is very attached to the notion of creativity and new productions and has supported important  opera productions, in particular : Rameau Maître à Danser and Campra’s Les Fêtes Vénitiennes, both in France and abroad (New York, Moscow, Luxemburg…).

Thanks to its system of matched funding, the Foundation also contributes to Les Arts Florissants’ overall activities as well as those of Les Jardins de Musique de William Christie in Vendée.

« The first performance given by Les Arts Florissants which I had the pleasure of attending was of Lully’s  Atys presented by the BAM in New York. It was overwhelming. To such a degree that since then, I have never missed any of the concerts given by Les Arts Florissants in that city. Later on, my wife and I had the chance of meeting Bill Christie, which enabled us to draw closer ties with Les Arts Florissants. Today, the festival which takes place in the garden at Thiré is an absolute wonder which is renewed every year. But, what is perhaps most important in my view, is Les Arts Florissants’ engagement in the training of young instrumentalists and singers. Bill has saved French baroque opera from oblivion : it is thanks to him that this art is promised an eternel life ».

Bernard Selz