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The Ephemeral Garden Prize 2019


As part of his work on professional training, transmission and support given to young talent, every year William Christie awards a prize for the creation of an   ephemeral garden   during the   festival   Dans les Jardins de William Christie. From this edition on, the prize recipient can be either a young landscape gardener or a young horticulturatlist. This year the carte blanche winner is the horticulturalist Baptiste Pierre. In summertime the new garden becomes a special place for the audience of the Festival.

The Ephemeral Garden Prize 2019
Prize Maryvonne Pinault

The annual prize for the creation of the ephemeral garden is open to young landscape gardeners and horticulturalists. The laureates are chosen by the jury which awards a carte blanche to a young landscape gardener or a horticulturalist of its choice to create an original garden. 

Le Clos des tomates - Ephemeral garden

Created as a Temporary Garden by horticulturist Baptiste Pierre, this new garden area at the Maison de la Fontaine immerses us in the wonderful world of tomatoes. Throughout the Dans les Jardins de William Christie Festival, visitors large and small will be able to discover one hundred species of this tasty fruit! 

The ephemeral vegetable garden will be open to the public during the festival Dans les Jardins de William Christie, which will take place in Thiré, Vendée from August 24th to August 31th.