Les Arts Florissants Airs Serieux Et A Boire Vol 3 Cite Musique - Juliette Le Maoult

Semi-staged concert

Airs sérieux et à boire, volet 3


Airs sérieux et à boire, volet 3


Les Arts Florissants

Musical Direction and harpsichord



Emmanuelle DE NEGRI, dessus
Anna REINHOLD, bas-dessus
Cyril AUVITY, haute-contre
Marc MAUILLON, taille
Lisandro ABADIE, bass


Claude LE JEUNE - Allons, allons gay gayment

Étienne MOULINIÉ - Dialogue de la Nuit et du Soleil

ANONYME - Symphonie

Étienne MOULINIÉ - O che gioia ne sento mio bene

Pierre GUÉDRON - Bien qu'un cruel martyr

Antoine BOESSET - N'espérez plus mes yeux

Étienne MOULINIÉ - O doux sommeil

Étienne MOULINIÉ - Dans le lit de la mort

Eustache DU CAURROY - Fantaisies sur une jeune fillette

Pierre GUÉDRON - Belle qui m'avez blessé

Claude LE JEUNE - Rendez-la moy cruelle


ANONYME - Suite instrumentale

Bransle, Gay, Bransle

Claude LE JEUNE - Rossignol mon mignon

Pierre GUÉDRON - Quel espoir de guérir

ANONYME - Prélude & Allemande chromatique

Pierre GUÉDRON - Aux plaisirs aux délices bergères

Étienne MOULINIÉ - Souffrez, beaux yeux pleins de charme

ANONYME - Allemande & Gigue

Pierre GUÉDRON - Lorsque j'étais petite garce

Pierre GUÉDRON - Que dit-on au village

ANONYME - Libertas & Sarabande

Pierre GUÉDRON - Cessez mortels de soupirer

Claude LE JEUNE - Suzanne un jour

"This is the year that William Christie’s group Les Arts Florissants turns 40. Yet how can there be even a twinge of middle age about an ensemble that cheerfully imitate cows, sheep and birds, sing about sex and perform at one point squatting on the floor?"
The Times
"William Christie and his ensemble masterfully recreate the musical atmosphere of the seventeenth century French court. (...) An extraordinary musical evening." La Nueva España

If one had to name one single repertoire that Les Arts Florissants had brought to light, it would be the French air de cour. The very first recordings made by the ensemble already testify to William Christie’s love for this genre and to their vibrancy and brilliance.

Since 2015, a group of the most highly respected singers and instrumentalists on the current Baroque scene has undertaken to revisit this repertoire. The concerts of the first two series and the discs entitled “Bien que l’Amour” and “Si vous vouliez un jour” (edited by Harmonia mundi) have been acclaimed across Europe and America. The adventure continues in 2020-2021 with a third volume conceived in the same vein, associating once again courtly arias and drinking songs by Étienne Moulinié and Pierre Guédron. From the intimacy of the salon to the belligerency of court banquets, these sumptuous vocal works are without doubt the finest models of artistic refinement that the Grand Siècle has left us.

Previous dates

Season 2020-2021

Luxembourg / Luxembourg

  • Thursday, April 22 2021, 8pm
  • Thursday, April 22 2021, 6pm

Epernay / France
Le Salmanazar

  • Thursday, April 15 2021, 8.30pm, CANCELLED

Metz / France

  • Tuesday, April 13 2021, 8pm, CANCELLED

Oviedo / Spain
Auditorio Príncipe Felipe

  • Tuesday, April 13 2021, 7pm

Thiré / France
Quartier des Artistes

  • Sunday, April 11 2021, CANCELLED

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